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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Some Exotic OO Scale Reefers

I had hoped by now to have the book on the history of American OO nearly out, and it is progressing, but now I’m looking at more like March as a goal. 

One goal of the book itself is that you can easily find all the common models, with as many car numbers as possible, so that if you do run into something truly exotic it will be clear. These models below are certainly in that category, and will be featured in a special section in the book.

First up is a pair of reefers with Westbrook sides. Westbrook, an O gauge manufacturer, made the printed sides for Eastern, Famoco, and Nason. What makes these two specific sides exotic is that they were not offered with any commercial model that I know of. A working theory is they might have been intended for postwar Nason production that never materialized. These sides are not that rare, they are found in a number of collections, but they are exotic. These two models are recent restorations.

Then we get to this pair of cars. These might be the elusive Yardmaster sides, as the cars match what is found in their price list. Or they could be something even more exotic. Both are by the same maker, the fonts and such match well.

Which brings up this final car. This car is truly exotic. Appears to be a commercial product but by what maker? This is the sort of car that maybe someone printed up a couple dozen sides in 1935 and then the line disappeared. Stuff that gets a collector excited.

More on the book soon! 

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