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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Help wanted, pre-war American OO

As has been mentioned in the site a couple times, I’m working on a book. The draft is now quite a ways along, but there are things I’m looking for either photos or additional information. The following is my list for the pre-war portion of the book, in the order that these items appear in the book draft. 

  • Nason combine and observation with brass sides, need photos
  • Limco – everything! Including die cast MP54 MU coach, the trailer for the MP54, the 64’ die cast coach, the WFE wood reefer, the boxcar, or the brass tank car 
  • Strombecker, photos of the 2-4-0, 4-4-0, 4-6-0, and boxcar 
  • Scale-Craft, the pre-war 4-8-4 with the sand cast frame, there are some detail differences to show compared to the post-war version, need a good photo
  • Hoffman’s flat car (Reading), caboose, boxcar (PRR X29), and boxcar (Reading double door)
  • Parmele & Sturges stock car, and any other model or info you have
  • Any examples of a Little Gem Models building
  • Graceline outside braced boxcar and steel caboose
  • Roland Haddaway track
  • Model Lumber Co. coach or combine
  • Yardmaster – any freight car, these were produced
  • Vanden-Boom, anything! Especially the caboose, reefers, and wreck train

On all of the above, I do have these covered to a point, but more information would be very helpful. Certainly most if not all of the above were actually produced, so they may exist in some corner of your collection. 

To highlight this point, this model just came to me today, an eBay purchase. It was posted for sale unobtrusively, but from the photos I could tell it was a very uncommon model, a Hoffman’s reefer. Note the distinctive trucks, and if you could see the frame and couplers those are very distinctive too. I could point you at where to find this information in the website, but I am excited that this info and much more will soon be easy to find with the American OO book finished. Plus, writing this article, I am very reminded that Blogger really has made the site hard to use on my end, the "Labels" function is broken, etc. So it is important to preserve the information developed for this resource in a more permanent manner, I'm glad I had time to get the book this far over the summer.

As to this specific model, I’m looking to finish it, and I have an unbuilt kit for the same model to use for comparison, to be sure it is 100% Hoffman’s.

I’ll soon follow up with a list of post-war items I’m looking for more on, and thank you in advance for any help.

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