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Saturday, June 6, 2020

A NW-2 from the WCS, part 2: Trucks and a frame insert

As mentioned in part one, this engine came to me with no drive, just sideframes. It was as if someone before me was trying to put in a new drive or repair on old one and got stuck.

I was able to find two wheelsets for the non-drive truck and work out a mounting for it. With that set, my idea was to take an Athearn drive truck and work over a portion of a frame to work.

The 4 wheel road Diesel trucks are the correct wheelbase for any OO switch engine. I had a few larger NWSL wheelsets around, and those were used to match the non-drive truck with correct size wheels.

The frame portion is from a GP unit of some sort, cut down to fit. I need to get it to nestle in just a bit further, but the height is really close to correct. Once I am satisfied there I’ll work on mounting a motor and connecting it to the drive truck. I can use the original screw holes (from the original drive) to attach the frame insert, a nice bonus. Won’t be long until WCS 2417 is rolling again!

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