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Sunday, March 15, 2020

A complete Nason cast boxcar kit

Part of a recent purchase included – finally! – a complete example of the Nason cast boxcar kit. The article where I introduce this model is here. 

Also, I reproduced castings for this model in resin castings after finding some incomplete examples. Some finished models from that project are seen in this article, which is in the middle of that series of articles.

To the present kit (click on the photo for a closer view), I think first the box is interesting, as it has that Nason label pasted on (and it is a thin, flat box), but even more interesting is that blueprint. It was prepared in December of 1934 and updated twice in January 1935. So the model was introduced to the market in 1935. I’m particularly intrigued by the final step in the instructions, “Give car a coat of filler & paint & letter as desired.” The castings are aluminum and a little rough, the idea was to instead of sanding them down to use a filler to smooth things out a bit. I’ve tried the same thing with 3D printed models, it was not a cure-all, but Mr. Surfacer was helpful (more here). I'll have to pick up another couple cans of it sometime.

In any case, this was an exciting find, I’ve been looking for one of these for years. It certainly falls in the category of interesting and important models produced in the early years of our hobby, one to keep your eye peeled for.

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