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Sunday, February 24, 2019

A nice interior in a Scale-Craft coach

From time to time I will luck into a vintage model that catches my eye. This is one such model.

From the outside, this looks like a nice but pretty standard Scale-Craft coach. It is on the six wheel trucks instead of four, so that is a slight upgrade.

The real upgrade is a rather nice interior. Sometimes I will see these built up using Suydam (HO) interior parts, but these are not those.

What the builder did was use a “T” shaped wood strip and cut it to length and smooth it out. After painting, to those he added cloth pieces for the headrests. Also there is a simple floor added inside as well.

There are no people except for the people in the rest room, represented by a silhouette behind the frosted glass.

Kind of makes me want to kick it up a notch and work on some interiors again. It is the type of project I seem to never get to, but is well worth addressing on some cold winter’s night or two.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

A look at the Nason B&O gondola

One of the rarest American OO models manufactured by Nason Railways is their gondola. Introduced in 1940 and decorated for the PRR, in 1941 a version for the B&O was added. Thanks to a tip (thank you!) I was recently able to purchase one of these models

The article that is an overview on the Nason gondola is here, and my PRR car may be seen more closely in this article. 

There is one big difference between this B&O model and my PRR model. The PRR has stamped brass ribs, and here you can see the ribs are soft metal castings.

Also several of the ribs are missing on this model. The instructions for this model don’t specifically say the kit includes brass ribs, but it does say that they are attached with brass pins which would be the way my PRR model is set up. Either Nason ran out of the brass ribs, or the builder opted for on this B&O model to use Selley part number 20037 “Gondola reinforcement strips” (more on Selley here).

Fortunately, I had a memory that I had seen ribs of the same type in my parts and found the supply, enough to fix this car and build at least one more. I’m planning to finish a partially built Picard gondola with the Selley ribs and other matching parts, it should turn out nicely.

UPDATE: See this article for the restored version of this model and more