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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A look at the Nason cast combine, with notes on the trucks

Among the most desirable I feel of the early Nason passenger cars are their sand cast aluminum cars; an overview of the line may be found here.

This combine was a recent eBay purchase, nicely built up. The floor, sides, and ends are all finely cast, with the roof being wood.

I don’t have the original instructions for this model, but I do have them for a couple other of the sand cast cars, the line was developed in early 1934.

A word on the trucks. Set up right, these are great trucks, they roll well and look fine. But note that a percentage of Nason 6 wheel passenger trucks, maybe a third of them, are soldered together, as are the trucks on this car. That for sure saved time, as the other type has holes drilled and tapped for screws, and that is a tough job in bronze sideframes. I’m sure too, as built up and sold, the soldered truck was a fine arrangement. The problem is if you ever need to fix the trucks basically you can’t. So if wheelsets keep falling out or the middle one gets wonky you are out of luck.

In the case of this car, one of the trucks the outer wheels fall out.

As I don’t plan to run this car at this point, I’ll live with that.

I have a number of these soldered trucks saved in a box, if I really get low on trucks someday, I’ll get back to them.


Anonymous said...

Why not unsolder the trucks, tap the parts to accept screws, and reassemble? You will then have a stock of good-looking, well running, and (importantly) adjustable and fixable passenger trucks. Seems like a no-brainer to me. :-) -Phil Copleston

John Ericson said...

I may get to that eventually -- but not my first choice, as bronze is difficult to drill and tap.