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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Brief Look at Scale-Craft 4-6-0 Weights

One topic that has been in the back of my mind is weights and S-C 4-6-0 derived models. On the vast majority of this fairly common OO model you will see the weight is cut to fit. The issue is that the Universal motor and drive has a different shape than the original.

This photo is of an original. Note how there is a tab or extension off the main weight that fits right over the big DC motor. Also note, there is a second weight under the motor as well. It has a triangular profile (from the side) and fills the space under the motor, a space that does not exist when the later, Universal motor is used. It is shaped to fit around and behind the last driver. In the photo the second weight is painted black and is more visible if you click on the photo for a closer look.

The result of the combination of weights is that the earlier model is in fact heavier than the later one by a degree. Not so much that you can really notice, but very recently I was able to sort it out so that all three of my models with the early motor/drive have unmodified weights and a weight under the motor. To do the latter I had to make a mold, this is a simple part to cast.

The model seen here is not quite done but the other two are. If  you have never tried running one of these early motors, I find they run very well with the large scale setting on my power pack, which puts out more like 18 volts (the early SC motor is 24V DC). Glad to have all three of mine with the full number of weights.

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