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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Visualizing 4-8-4 Projects, Getting Organized

Lately a big project has been working through parts. One motivation was to get all the Scale-Craft valve gear parts with the right engines, but also to see where I was with progress overall, and which one to tackle to finish soon.

After a brief side trip into the Nason 2-8-0 parts, the first step was putting out all the S-C valve gear parts by engine and comparing to the instructions and models to be sure I have them correct. Then I broke it down by specific models. I did the 0-6-0 first and have a couple project engines that can be finished, with all the spare parts labeled clearly.  Next up is what you see in the photo, 4-8-4 parts all spread out.

I had been thinking I had three 4-8-4 projects. One was a complete model but only partially built. The second project is the "Pierre" engine, one that Pierre Bourassa had built/rebuilt into a 4-8-2, but then was in parts again, an unfinished rebuilding project of a subsequent owner (and missing a few important parts). Finally, I had what I thought of as an almost complete kit for a engine, no tender.

Now my thinking has changed. This is what happens when looking at projects seriously. I still have the complete model to finish, and it is complete with every part. I have also the Pierre model for which I have almost every part needed and can work out substitutes for the remaining parts. And finally, I have some extra parts! Hopefully of help with some future project or to someone out there.

Next up will be sorting the 4-6-0/4-4-2 projects and parts, figuring out what is most complete and viable, and then to my S-C 4-6-2 and also several Nason projects. Of them all, actually the S-C 4-6-2 stands a good chance of being the first finished, but for sure I want to get several of these out of their project boxes and complete. Glad to be getting things even more organized.

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