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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Visualizing 4-8-4 Projects, Getting Organized

Lately a big project has been working through parts. One motivation was to get all the Scale-Craft valve gear parts with the right engines, but also to see where I was with progress overall, and which one to tackle to finish soon.

After a brief side trip into the Nason 2-8-0 parts, the first step was putting out all the S-C valve gear parts by engine and comparing to the instructions and models to be sure I have them correct. Then I broke it down by specific models. I did the 0-6-0 first and have a couple project engines that can be finished, with all the spare parts labeled clearly.  Next up is what you see in the photo, 4-8-4 parts all spread out.

I had been thinking I had three 4-8-4 projects. One was a complete model but only partially built. The second project is the "Pierre" engine, one that Pierre Bourassa had built/rebuilt into a 4-8-2, but then was in parts again, an unfinished rebuilding project of a subsequent owner (and missing a few important parts). Finally, I had what I thought of as an almost complete kit for a engine, no tender.

Now my thinking has changed. This is what happens when looking at projects seriously. I still have the complete model to finish, and it is complete with every part. I have also the Pierre model for which I have almost every part needed and can work out substitutes for the remaining parts. And finally, I have some extra parts! Hopefully of help with some future project or to someone out there.

Next up will be sorting the 4-6-0/4-4-2 projects and parts, figuring out what is most complete and viable, and then to my S-C 4-6-2 and also several Nason projects. Of them all, actually the S-C 4-6-2 stands a good chance of being the first finished, but for sure I want to get several of these out of their project boxes and complete. Glad to be getting things even more organized.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Baker Valve Gear Hangers in OO

A question recently came in related to Baker valve gear hangers.

I had, honestly, not paid a lot of attention to valve gear types on vintage OO models simply because I was more about restoring them to operation. Walshaerts valve gear is more common and was used in most OO steam locomotives produced. However, Baker valve gear was used for the Scale-Craft 0-6-0 switcher and also the Nason Consolidation, and this requires a distinctive hanger.

From left to right in the photo we have two Nason hangers in bronze (marked as part 315), a scratch version made from sheet metal, a mystery bronze version, and finally two of the S-C hangers which are stamped brass.

I know a couple of you are looking for these and I certainly have several extra beyond projects I have underway. If you are one of those people, contact me and I will do what I can to help out. And if you have any idea of the maker of the mystery example let me know!