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Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Scale-Craft coach and combine for the Santa Fe

In a recent purchase were these two passenger cars, clearly by the same builder with the red interior, but also clearly not completed, as there were no decals.

They are Scale-Craft, examples of their coach and combine. Combine? As noted in another article (here), Scale-Craft  in their final, Round Lake catalog offered a deal to make a combine (including a baggage car body with the coach body), a factory offer of parts for kitbashing the combine in other words.

I think it is a pretty successful model, and the monitor roof is much better for a Santa Fe look than the die cast arch roof they normally supplied with the car. The roofs are freshly painted, the one on the coach coming to me on a different model.

Those die cast bodies must have been a challenge to cut apart! They are joined with glue/screws and a board between both halves of the car.

There are a couple of paint chips but I will live with those. I do like how they look and will be making use of these when I run Santa Fe sessions.

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