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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Unusual, WWII era Nason parts

Among some recent parts purchased was a Nason parts envelope.

It is of the same style as they briefly used to sell decals in 1942 (mentioned in this article), but it did not contain decals, but rather is marked “5 Pr. Freight Car Ends” and also “3 Dr. & 2 Corr.”

The ends are still what are in the packet, painted boxcar red. They are smaller than Eastern ends and on thinner card stock.

In my parts I had a set of the ends in cardboard and one example of the door/end in thin shim brass which is I think explaining the “3 Dr.” on the package. I have several more of these doors as well. Knowing what they are now, maybe they will find their way onto a Nason car.

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