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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A video podcast with American OO

Up today is a quick look at a video podcast. I like the format a lot -- I am seriously thinking to produce a couple new episodes of "American OO Today" videos in this general format -- and I enjoy their curiosity with these vintage models.

They are vintage Scale-Craft models, of course -- for much more on S-C OO gauge see this article.

There must still be a lot of random American OO floating around just like this, built by granddad back in the day, and hopefully someone curious about them will stumble across not only this video but also more information on these models here in American OO Today.

To close, I last produced an American OO video in 2011 (more here on that last one), but this summer, as noted already, be looking for more in a format similar to that seen above.

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