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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lionel OO Freight Cars. Part III: Hopper Cars

Moving ahead numerically, the next model in this survey of the line of Lionel OO gauge freight cars is the hopper. It is of an offset side design very similar to what Scale-Craft had introduced a year earlier but different in many details and the Lionel model is clearly marked as a Lionel product.

The original 1938 0016 cars were lettered in this somewhat fanciful SP paint scheme or in a variation where the decals are applied one panel out closer to each end. This example is not in the best shape and is missing a hopper door, but is otherwise complete. As with the yellow (or cream) box cars, the general thinking is that the gray scheme was a reflection of the goal of producing eye catching models that would sell in train sets. It is has three rail trucks.

This model was followed in the catalog by the 0016 cars produced from 1939-42. Note it is now in a more realistic SP scheme and the car is black! It is still three rail and this is the detailed model. Actually, all the hopper cars they made are the detailed version, there was no semi-detailed version of the hopper produced.

The final example I have for this brief survey is the 0046 hopper. This model is identical to the 0016 car above except for the two-rail trucks. This particular example someone added a load to, which has certainly reduced the collector value today. These were, rather than being gifts to kids, models used on model railroads and who would not want a loaded hopper over an empty?

For even more on Lionel OO hoppers see this article in the Train99 website. This series will conclude with the final model in the line, the caboose.

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