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Monday, November 23, 2015

Lionel OO Freight Cars. Part II: Tank Cars

Next we turn to tank cars and the first version made is this bright silver 0015 Sunoco car.

This is the 1938 version of this model, riding on three rail trucks. The 0015 model is detailed, but the only difference visible between the detailed models and the semi-detailed models below is the detailed models have the brake cylinder casting.

Next up is the 0025 Shell tank car, which is also three rail but semi-detailed and sold from 1939-42. While the Sunoco car had a car number that matched the model number in the catalog, this model is more realistically decaled as SEPX 8126. How you know it is the 0025 car (or another variation) is 0025 is rubber stamped on the frame itself.

Our final example in this brief overview is the 0075 tank car. This model is identical to the 0025 car (and was also produced 1939-42) except for it has two rail trucks and is stamped 0075. Again, it is semi-detailed. The final photo shows the stamping on both of these cars.

Worth noting as well, these cars are very similar to Scale-Craft tank cars (introduced in 1937) but various details are obviously different when you get looking and of course the Lionel cars say “built by Lionel” on the ends. For even more on Lionel OO tank cars see this article in the Train99 website. Next up in this brief series are their hoppers.

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