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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Schorr PRR A3

Very likely the rarest of the Schorr brass imports in American OO scale is their PRR A3 0-4-0 model.

The model is mentioned in this article, with a quote from Ed Schorr, son of importer Fred Schorr. Ed recalled that

He would have also imported a B&O dock side switcher and the Ma and Pa 10-wheeler but could not get enough guys interested. He did however have a handful, maybe 5, PRR A-3 class 0-4-0s made.

Reader Jeff Barker found this one recently at train show in Cincinnati and provided these photos. What a sharp model, nicely painted. The trucks are clearly the familiar Schorr arch bar trucks. As I noted in the earlier article, it must be one of the rarest of items ever commercially produced in American OO.

To the other models mentioned by Ed Schorr, those would have been just as nice but were not to be. This little 0-4-0 however, for sure one to keep your eyes peeled for, hopefully the rest of the handful that was produced is still out there somewhere.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Overview of American OO in the Quarterly

The October, 2015 issue of the Train Collectors Quarterly finds a new article that presents an overview of American OO.

Titled simply "American 00 Gauge," the text mostly can be found in this site somewhere, this article being one prime source. The inspiration though for writing this was realizing that these days the average train collector has not even heard of American OO and has only a vague notion that there is such a scale -- and even then perhaps thinks it is just some type of early HO (thinking it to be some variant on British OO?), not the unique scale that it is between HO and S scales.

The article covers briefly the history of the scale and gauge, and also looks briefly at activity today. I don't have illusions that the article will open some new flurry of activity, but hopefully a few TCA members will be inspired to look over their collections and ponder what they have.