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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Two great vintage cabooses

Caboose models often get special treatment from their builders, these two being great examples.

The car in front is an upgraded Scale-Craft model from the Niagara Valley Lines of Canadian OO gauger Jack Winsor. I have another caboose from his road as well, it being a bobber caboose that was scratchbuilt as a gift to Winsor by Fred Schorr. That model is described in this article. 

The car in back is lettered for the Yorkville & Western, which was the personal road of Fred Schorr, the OO manufacturer/importer. Schorr completely scratchbuilt this great model from wood.

As always click on the photos for a better view of these models. One major detail that does not come through in the photos is the Y&W caboose has a full interior including a stove and wall and chair details. These details even in person are almost impossible to see! There are no lights in the caboose and it has no provision to remove a roof section so far as I can tell, but you can see the great details through the end windows and through the cupola.

The one big detail that stands out on the NVL caboose is that Winsor filed off all the handrail castings and added 20 (!) wire handrails and working cut levers with the couplers. There are also marker lamps, with one missing today, and note the neat hole added to the steps as well. The trucks on the car now are my replacements, which came off a car that had been built by Pierre Bourassa, who was fond of adding the weathering details seen.

Schorr went further in his details and added chains and even a brakeman figure. This is a very nice caboose of a type that few would go to all that effort to build today. Besides the couplers and step castings the only other obvious commercial parts are the Schorr arch bar trucks and the end ladders, which are Scale-Craft.

Both cars have window glass and a paint scheme involving several colors, neatly applied by brush painting. Wonderful examples of the art of model railroading in American OO gauge.

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