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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Unusual Famoco passenger truck

Before and after WWII Famoco had a full line of American OO products -- locomotives and freight and passenger cars. For an overview see this article.

Their passenger cars came with either four or six wheel trucks. All of their four wheel trucks I had ever seen or made a note of were of the type seen on the left until this past week. Sorting some parts out for use on projects, I noted the pair on the right.

Even with the paint to see through it is clear they are of a different type. The standard trucks as on the left always struck me as being more for an express reefer than for a 70' coach or combine. The trucks on the right would suit a passenger car better visually, with that top beam and a bit more "heft" overall.

The question would be are they factory trucks? I think so, looking at them and the materials involved. As the pair got to me it was missing two wheelsets, which I have replaced with Famoco wheelsets of the type seen in the trucks at left.

The one Famoco catalog I have does not answer the question of there being two types of four wheel trucks or not, as it does not list trucks (yet) for separate sale. The original passenger car kits were just wood and card. From 1939, the catalog states that "Hardware Kits for the above body kits are in production and will be announced when ready. They will include all metal parts necessary to assemble complete model ready to run." That hardware included trucks.

My catalog copy is several generations of Xerox, if you have a better one I wish the photos could reveal the trucks on the cars in the catalog. The kit instructions for the passenger cars however clearly show the trucks of the type on the left in my photo.

Theoretically the trucks on the right could be someone's personal special truck, cast to use a Famoco bolster. The materials seem to much like the die cast materials used by Famoco itself, though.

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