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Sunday, June 14, 2015

A simple tank car conversion

This car has been rolling on my layout for some years. An older conversion, I recently spruced it up a bit.

It is a TYCO 315-A tank car, "brown box" era, described in this article in the TYCO Brown Box Trains Resource. Years ago it was the car my daughter considered to be her car, and she would "fix" it and such. Originally I had put "Morlok method" conversion trucks on it. Eventually I used those trucks on another car and had converted it back to HO.

But really it is a reasonable American OO scale 8,000 gallon tank car in a close to prototypical scheme. I decided to put it back on some OO gauge trucks, but this time modified Famoco trucks with new wheelsets, and also decided to add a little lettering. It as built had no car number or reporting marks, this was always a problem in my mind. Now it has some! It is not a great model, will always be a HO train set level car, but I enjoy having it rolling again.

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