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Sunday, May 3, 2015

A simple HO crane conversion

This model is one that I bought on eBay mostly because it was on S-C passenger trucks. Some prior owner had done a really simple conversion (with Kadee couplers and then gluing the tucks on it turns out!), which I have improved upon.

The model itself is illustrated here in the TYCO Brown Box Era website. What I did was carve off the original bolsters and make a new bolster to support a nice pair of heavy duty Andrews trucks. The side frames are brass and I suspect are overscale HO parts.

Back to the crane itself, the frame is wide enough to be OO, all that visual “weight” at the bottom of the model makes it fairly credible as an OO scale model of a fairly modern, Diesel powered crane, although certainly quite freelanced. Probably the Andrews trucks I used are anachronistic, but still to my eye fit a crane of this size.

The original model has a “boom tender” which TYCO created using a flat car with a caboose body on it. I my case at this point I only have that flat car as my “tender,” also TYCO and decorated for the Santa Fe as well. I describe that conversion here; width is the same as the crane, it works well in American OO.

It is an easy conversion. I don’t plan to run it much but it can be run and is a nice addition to the roster.

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