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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some Greenbrook Restorations

Up today are several interesting models built by David Sacks for his American OO scale Greenbrook layout (my main article on Sacks and the Greenbrook is here), but ones that had fallen on sad times.

The restorations were done by Jack Bartman. He found the colors easy to match as Sacks had used standard Testors paints. The most interesting models probably are this engine and caboose. Of the engines I received from the residual of his layout this one was the only one that ran (sort of), and it may be seen “before” in this article. It still does not run great – Sacks ran it really hard and it could use a new motor – but it still runs and is now a fairly sharp model. It is an example of the “large HO Diesel passing as smaller OO diesel” (it is Athearn) and is a bit underscale. But he must have had fun working over the lettering and running it. With it is a standard S-C caboose, also with freshened up paint and decals.

Next up are these two S-C passenger cars, a baggage and a coach. The coach he modified with wide windows which is a nice look. Besides freshening up the paint (especially the roofs) and decals, Bartman added seats and passengers which are a nice addition. Both of these cars “before” may be seen in this article. 

Finally, we have the rest of the head end cars of a heavyweight passenger train. The RPO is a somewhat rare Nason model, the baggage car on the left is J-C models and the one on the right is of unknown manufacture (probably kitbashed). Note the lettering variations: Greenbrook, Green Brook, and Green Brook Lines.

In total these cars make me want to restore a couple more similar cars a bit more fully. They make for quick and satisfying projects as you can save a bit of OO history in the process.

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