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Friday, January 2, 2015

Another S-C Gas Electric, Modernized

This model was an eBay purchase a few years ago. It was partially built but not complete, missing a drive truck and the roof. I was not really needing another S-C Gas-Electric (see here for my first one), but still the model spoke to me and I started in, working on it slowly for a couple years.

The two big challenges were the drive and the roof. The roof was more of a challenge than you would think as it turns out that this model uses a unique roof stock, different than on their other passenger equipment. I found, finally, a piece in my parts supply but it was not long enough. The solution I came up with was to mate it with a piece of Picard "Wagon top" roof stock, imitating the modified roofs seen on some Gas-Electrics late in their service life, after repowering. Parts cut from the shell of a Tyco GP-20 were augmented with parts box items for the roof details.

That solved, there still was the drive. I puzzled over this a very long time, I really wanted to use a pre-war S-C drive unit but finally figured out it would at best be not much more more than a shelf model with that drive. (More on that drive unit here). So I moved on and found I could use an Athearn drive truck without modifying the original truck mount! This was a great solution, and I could also with some cutting and a new sub-floor utilize an Athearn motor and flywheel.

For the rear truck I used a single, orphan truck I had that is of the rare, S-C plain bearing passenger truck. I have more here; the spin when introduced was it was for the Gas-Electric, and this one (“opened up” by a prior owner) looks nice in this application. I wired it for pick-up, so the model has 8 wheel power pick-up.

The model could have a few more details added (taking the photos I noted there is no front coupler) but I am liking this car. I like Gas-Electric cars for operation on my little layout as they fit on my staging track well and make a nice balance in operation, I can run a longer freight train into the passing siding and run the doodlebug. Still, I won’t be making any more for the Orient, my layout is not nearly big enough to need any more. A bigger layout would be nice…

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