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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cars with Scale-Craft Decals

One interesting category of vintage American OO gauge cars are models decorated with Scale-Craft decals, in particular the earlier pre-war decals, as later the decals were produced for them by Walther’s (and were really just repackaged HO decals). An overview of S-C decal production is here. The original decal line has a distinctive look, as seen in these cars below.

One of my projects has been organizing cars in “the collection,” and in particular cars such as these do stand out. A gallery of drawings that were shipped out with these decals are presented in this prior article. 

To these specific cars, looking at them after taking the photos [UPDATED: 2016] I am fairly sure these are all S-C decals other than the ATSF boxcar, which was included mistakenly. Some of these I have multiple examples of, for example the SFRD reefer and the SP hopper (which really looks a lot like the Lionel model when decorated this way). When I have the decal drawings the cars always match the decal drawing right down to the car number, although I chose the wrong car for the MP stock car, it has a new number board (I have another example that matches the decal drawings). All of them that are of models that are in the catalogs match the catalog photos

Often, between probably a so-so original (brush) painting job and rough handling over the years the decals have gotten beat up a bit on some of the examples below. Still, I plan to hold on to at least one model decorated with any given set of S-C decals for a while, I still like how the original decals look on these vintage cars. As always, click on any photo for a bigger view.

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