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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Recent Projects: A Gulf Tank Car and two ATSF Heavyweights

This summer a major goal was to paint and move through the shops generally a number of projects.

Among the recent projects completed one that really pleased me was this tank car. It is Scale-Craft, a vintage car that was stripped and repainted with a two tone (sliver/black) scheme. Looking in the decal supply I spotted a vintage Walthers HO set of Gulf tank car decals and I really like how this car came out.

Liking it as much as I do it seemed like one suited to receive a special pair of trucks. I had a couple Scale-Craft trucks in the parts supply that had side frames that had been modified with brass bushings. What a predecessor had done was drill out the holes larger and put in pieces of brass tube to make new brass bearing surfaces for the wheels. I had some years ago another car come in with these from Pierre Bourassa, and it had Schorr wheelsets on it; the combination rolls great. I also had four orphan Schorr wheelsets that Pierre had used in a scenic application and cleaned them up to use in these sideframes, resulting in a car that rolls and looks great.

As to the ATSF heavweights, the coach is the finished version of a J-C Models car that the “before” may be seen here. I put new sides on it, cleaned up details, repainted.

The baggage car has more of a tale. I have various loose parts, remnants of the unfinished projects of others, and one effort I have made is to try to get things back together when I can. In this case I had the roof and ends for a Graceline baggage car and the sides and frame from a J-C baggage car. What I did was modifiy the frame to match the roof (adding some more Graceline detail parts in the process) and put it all back together as a hybrid model. The sides had been previously used and were painted red, as can be seen with the flash showing the inside of the car through the windows.

Both cars have good Scale-Craft trucks and the same vintage decals. They are probably from the 1940s and would not quite snuggle down as well as I would have liked. But in the big picture that is OK, these cars have a nice vintage look and make a nice pair that are in much better shape than when they got to me.

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