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Saturday, August 2, 2014

American OO for 56-57: Part III, Still More Products

Besides the Schorr brass items there were other products available for the American OO enthusiast.

Starting alphabetically, Baker OO power trucks are mentioned in the “Bull Session” column in the April, 1956 issue of Model Railroader. I have not seen actual Baker advertising for these but they were typically used in Schorr F-3 models, and also the Kemtron GP-7 could be purchased set up for a Baker or a Lindsay drive (and some found their way into Schorr RS-2 models as well). More on Baker here.

The 2nd Kemtron Master Catalog Dates to 1956 and according to the October 1956 issue of MR the catalog was already sold out! The 3rd catalog “will be ready in November.” While not listed in the catalog, a letter to the editor in RMC for July of 1956 asks where to purchase a Scale-Craft 0-6-0, and the answer was Kemtron.

I have a copy of the 2nd catalog and HO Seeker has 3rd (1957) complete online (here). The third edition has more complete coverage of trucks available:

and the listing for the their OO power truck (the Kemtron-Lindsay truck, seen above) was much clearer in the 3rd catalog,

But the pages on the GP-7 and the S-C line are exactly the same in both editions:

Finally, it should be mentioned that MHP still advertises the OO passenger car diaphragms in MR every month and Eastern must have still had their cars available for purchase, although not advertised.

Things were getting a little slim. When the series returns we conclude with a look at articles related to American OO published in 1957.

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