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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Rutland Milk Reefer

The February, 1996 issue of The OO Road had a focus on milk cars, and one seen is this one, primed in gray paint. This car was not described further there by William Johann except to mention that certain HO trucks could be modified to fit it.

This car then sat, ready to be finished, in the OO inventory for years and years. It was a nice car and it seemed to me to be time to complete it.

Looking at the car closely, I noted that in pencil on the underside of the car it is written “was N&N 94” and “Roundhouse RB 2935.” The N&N would be the Newton & Northern of Newton Guerin, and the Roundhouse notation relates to the model of the MDC Roundhouse trucks modified to fit the car. The sides are hand scribed, nicely but if you look close things are a little uneven. It has Scale-Craft doors and some Graceline parts on the frame. It might be based on a Graceline car, but it is hard to say.

With the car out and painted what to letter it for was a puzzle. Design wise it is a bit different than many express reefers, and I did not have a lot of options for decals (and did not really want to buy more). Finally I found online photos of a Rutland car that had similar general details and I had decals that would work. Not that I model the Rutland even remotely, but I did want it to be a good looking car.

It came out nicely! This photos were taken before the decals had been completely settled in (as I was taking other photos), it looks even better on completion. Note in the bottom view I saved the areas that William Johann had written the notations given above. May it give good service to owners beyond me.

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