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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Some Marketing Missteps in Lionel OO

Many good points could be brought up relating to the somewhat flawed rollout and marketing of the Lionel OO line, and Dick Kuehnemund recently shared with me a few quick thoughts on the topic.
Hi John = Just looking at catalog errors relating to the "00" Lionel trains could be interesting:
1 - In '38 they cataloge a "kit" version of the 001 Hudson - similar to the "O" ga. 700K "kit" Hudson; I don't think any were produced;
2 - In '41 they showed a "Reading" hopper & black "Sunoco" tanker; again, I don't think any such cars were made;
3 - Again, in '38, they showed switches, X-ing & "odd" length 3-rail tracks to make a figure "8"; I've never seen or heard of any such items unitil made as the "later" designs from '39 - '42.
And, to close, a significant thought on the track packaging.
Hi again - In yet another masterpiece of advertising & packaging wit & wisdom(?) - attached is a photo of a pkg. for TEN "00" 3-rail curves. Nobody told them it took TWELVE sections to make a circle... No Harvard MBAs need apply; back to Math 101!  
Or could it have been genius? Make the public buy two boxes of track to have enough for a circle…

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