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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A RS-2 for the Grand Island

This brass Schorr RS-2 model is one that came to me in great shape overall, with a very nice paint job and couplers mounted, but it had no drive and only one truck mount (under the long hood--and that mount with a truck still in a raw brass finish).

I have had this model for a while now and have mulled over my options a few times. I was thinking to try to power it, but I finally decided not to. I was working over two of my dummy diesels with better trucks (seen in this article), and realized this model would also make a great dummy engine. I have a bunch of extra Schorr metal bolsters and they fit the model perfectly for mounting the truck under the cab. A bit of paint on the trucks and the model was good to go! A quick fix that turned a model that looked a little sad with its one unpainted truck into a real beauty.

With the model in the photo is a matching Schorr caboose. Both were beautifully painted by William Gilbert for his road. These were both part of the Schorr line of Japanese brass imports in American OO, which I outline further (with links to more info) in this article. 

And another RS-2 came to me from William Gilbert with this model, which has a drive but needs a lot of work and the paint was partially stripped. Be watching the blog for more; I am stripping the paint now and have begun working out a new drive based on Athearn parts. My goal is to turn that model into a smooth-running approximation of an ATSF RSD-4 in American OO. A summer project; more on that another day.

UPDATE: And I found this photo, not the sharpest, but showing the engine on his layout. Several of the cars seen are also in my collection today.

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