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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Caboose Trucks for American OO

Yesterday morning I got curious, what was the article 5 years ago today? It was one on a great truck project I had inherited (more here), on some Sn3.5 arch bar trucks from New Zealand that another OO gauger had purchased to use in American OO. The trucks are by North Yard; their website is here.

What had got me stalled then was I did not have a drill press and there were so many holes to drill (and tap) in lost wax castings. And actually, the earlier article did not say this, but I had another type of truck from the same firm, the truck you see here that is a close stand-in for a leaf spring Bettendorf truck. The spring hanger is narrow and a couple details are bit different than North American practices, but then again these look a LOT better than Scale-Craft trucks! This car being by Scale-Craft; it was my very first OO scale caboose.

I now have two pair of these together and rolling with parts for a third, seen in the second photo. Not shown are the wheelsets and the bearing inserts. These roll great! I believe these were used on a class of tank car in New Zealand, and due to a quirk of gauges and scales are just about dead on for American OO.

What really had me stalled originally was no I had no drill press. I subsequently obtained a stand for my Dremel tool that is a good imitation, and I made a jig to help hold the side frames when drilling.

The last photo is a close up of a finished truck, but this one on a Lionel caboose. While everything is set up I will try to finish all the North Yard trucks on hand. I will run out of the North Yard bolsters but have some others scoped out that I can modify to work, and I may be short a few screws but should get all the remaining pair running in the next month or so.

Building up the first two pair of these was a great quick break and it is good to see my modeling skills going up a bit over time as well. I have a specific caboose project in mind for the final set of these parts; perhaps having them will get that project moving along soon as well.

UPDATE: I got all of the North Yard trucks from this project together, including four pair of the arch bar trucks featured in the article 5 years ago. Now to build up some cars worthy of them!

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