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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Nason PRR Diner

Up today is a rarity, a pre-war Nason PRR Diner.

This model was a part of their line of EZ-Built passenger cars with stamped brass sides and was introduced in 1937. With the Scale-Craft line coming in that year they must have felt it a good time to expand their passenger car line in the growing OO market. Also, clearly the owners of Nason were enthusiastic about passenger cars, with several unique PRR models produced that would look great pulled by their classic P5-A model. The line also included a P-70 coach, a PB-70 combine, and a PRR postal (RPO). More on Nason Railways in general may be found here.

From the side I would note to check the small details on the roof, which include an ice hatch casting, which is original to the kit. When this model came to me (via eBay) it was not on Nason trucks, which it runs on now as seen in the bottom view. Normally I like to restore models to the level that they could operate on my layout, but at this time this one is a shelf model. I would have to modify the frame a good bit to allow for enough truck swing for my curves—or build a new layout! This car as designed/built needs something like 36” or larger curves. Also, while it could be disassembled and repainted/lettered, as I am not a PRR modeler I left it as it is, a nice example of the model but showing some age.

This final scan is from the instructions for this model. The builder followed them pretty closely and put in the time and effort to build what was not a simple kit. The instructions are dated, if I am reading them correctly, 8-9-37, with the drawings by "F.W." That would be Frank Waldhorst, business partner of Hugh Nason at that time. Both of them may be seen in this article. I can’t say how many of these were produced, but again these models are not commonly seen, the Scale-Craft diner is much more common. A classic model I am happy to have in my collection.

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