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Saturday, February 15, 2014

American OO in 1950. Part III, Notes on Other Manufacturers

Besides Scale-Craft, in my survey of magazines for the year I note four other American OO manufacturers with advertising in 1950.

Starting with the oldest firm, in the September 1950 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman is found what must be the last advertisement from Nason Railways. If you have been following this series of articles in fact I think you would have guessed that they were completely out of business not long after regular advertising ended in 1947. However, the owner Ed Kelly ran one more, final ad.

This image is the top portion of it, an open letter to OO gaugers, and is actually a scan of the proof sheet of the ad, which somehow made it to me. Besides reporting generally that owner Ed Kelly was in improving health (the address given is a P.O. Box in Miami) we learn that he was attempting to sell "special packages" of parts for the 2-8-0 and the 4-6-4 locomotives. Each was priced at $15 and the 2-8-0 set for example contained
…the following bronze castings: Boiler, Tender, Tender underframe, Cab roof, Valve Hanger, Boiler Front, Tender front deck, Worm bearing, Cylinder block, Main frame, Rear cab support, Reverse Shaft Arms, Links, Side Rods, Main Rods, and the lead truck bolster. Also a headlight, crosshead guides, bell, whistle, handrail supports, pop valves, steel worm, jack shaft coupling, steam turret, couplers, air tanks, chock valves, machine screws and complete drawings and instructions are included.
Next up alphabetically would be Schorr. This scan is of a print of a photo used in Schorr advertising in 1950 for the F-3. The model was advertised regularly, and this photo may be seen in the ad in the November RMC for example. Click on it for a better view, as being an original print more detail can be seen than from the actual advertisements, which were very small format.

Zuhr also advertised regularly, with this example from RMC in May, “now we’re ready with the observation.” The line was reviewed Trade Topics in Model Railroader in June of 1950. There we read,
The Duraliner streamlined cars include a coach, an 18-roomette Pullman, a combination Pullman, a baggage coach, a mail car, and a diner.
All parts are aluminum. Windows are punched in the one piece roof and side side sheet. Ends and floor are 1/8” stock. All parts are cut to size and all holes required are drilled….
Self-tapping screws retain the floor, couplers and trucks. Trucks are Varney HO F-3 diesel freight side frames with OO gauge 36” scale wheels and stamped brass bolsters.
Window strip, sponge rubber diaphragms, roof hatches, and rivets for smokejacks complete the kit….
The printed instruction sheet, although lacking illustrations and dimensional data, covers the assembly well.
My overview article on Zuhr is here.

The fourth firm seen with advertising is Famoco. Famoco however only advertised their HO line with the exception of including their OO tracklayer in some advertising (such as RMC, July).

Other firms had models available. Eastern cars were available certainly if not advertised, for example. Midlin track was available for sure but I am thinking maybe by now their OO line was actually out of production. One other manufacturer perhaps coming in now or soon would be Myron P. Davis. This article has text from a letter he sent to Pittman in 1950, looking for a specific Nason motor. 

One more article is to come in the series on American OO in 1950, this time looking briefly at layouts and other models in the hobby press.

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