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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blueprints for the Nason P5A

For several years there has been a post in the Train99  blog about a Nason P5A, the owner wanting to track down the instructions for this classic model. 

The article is very worth checking for the several great photos of his model (link here). Myself, I recently saw the article again in the stats for this website and clicked over. And I realized that not long ago I had actually been given a set of the blueprints that were shipped out with the Nason P5A.

The big photo is of the blueprint itself. It is in a word huge, a real blueprint and roughly the size of eight sheets of paper.

With the big photo as reference, the first scan is from the top of the blueprint. My own Nason P5A was left incomplete by a prior owner and seeing the top view especially I am thinking I need to get it done, even if the HO pantographs I have for it are a bit small looking compared to the drawings and the photos in the Train99 blog.

The last two photos are more highlights of the blueprint, scanned. Click on any image for a better view. One shows a part and all the drilling and tapping required, and the other shows the bottom corner where we get the details on the drawing itself.

The draftsman's name is lost to history most likely but the “F.W.” who approved the drawings must have been Frank Waldhorst, the early business partner of Hugh Nason. A photo of Waldhorst may be seen in this article. Note also the dates and the revision date which is almost illegible. More on the history of Nason may be found here.

A PDF of scans from the blueprint may be found in the files area of the OO group on Yahoo. To which I will add, I don't actually have the written instructions for this model. The model should have a 6-8 page document that covers construction. If you have a copy I would love to see that.

With that, I hope to get to the 1950 series soon and best wishes for a great new year.

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