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Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Scale-Craft 0-6-0 for the Orient

Another project through the shops recently was this great Scale-Craft 0-6-0. This was the certainly the best option for a switcher in American OO, and this model turned out great.

The locomotive itself came to me nearly finished, unpainted and I believe it had never been run. It is nearly stock except that the builder had modified the smokebox and left off front end part that was to be in front of the stack. I filled the hole and got that all together. Originally it was to be set up for a working headlight, but the present headlight is a dummy. It is not very visible in the photo but I opted for a silver smokebox front which looks great with this freelanced model.

The tender I built up myself from parts on hand. The tender body itself was selected as it was a clean stock version but also, if you look very closely, it has a few holes drilled in the top, I believe to ventilate the area for the rectifier. Also note I added a rear facing light so the crew could see in both directions. The coal load is shiny, as I masked it before giving the decals their overspray of dullcote. From the top too you can see it is a husky model. The cab is a little oversize, I believe to accommodate the motor.

Looking from the bottom, you can see some of the wires which go to a modern rectifier (more here) and note also that I used Nason trucks for better pick up. The model runs very well with the big motor and the original S-C drive and the rectifier. The only thing to note really is that it draws a lot of current and with a few laps around the layout the tender body begins to feel warm.

Whenever I get around to shooting another video this model will be featured. It is most interesting to me to see this vintage model run, makes me wish I had a large yard to give it a workout! Perhaps someday ….

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