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Sunday, October 20, 2013

1949 and American OO. Part II, New Products!

As could be determined reading the letters cited in part I, there was a demand for some new products in American OO in 1949, and these three manufacturers stepped up to answer that demand!

First up was Super-Scale. Their NW-2 is a 1949 addition to their line, being first mentioned in their January, 1949 ad in Model Railroader. Their SW-1 model dates to 1948, so this was a logical expansion. As I note in my longer article on Super-Scale,
According to their advertisement in the January, 1949 issue of Model Railroader; these more complete models were to be ready January 15. They referred to them as being either the 600 HP model or the 1000 HP model, which would translate as a SW-1 diesel (600 HP) or a NW-2 diesel (1000 HP), the latter of which if I am understanding their language was available as a cow or calf. They offered in addition to the two switcher locomotives a “1000 HP Booster Loco” and a “2000 HP Two Unit Loco.” The SW-1 at that time ran $14.50 “less paint, decals, trucks” and the most deluxe NW-2 cow-calf combo would put you back $28.50.
See this article for more on the somewhat modified but beautifully built up example of this model seen above.

The next new OO scale model seen in 1949 is an iconic one, the Schorr F-3. The first ad I have noted for this model is in the November issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. It may actually have been advertised there slightly earlier; not sure, I am missing the previous three issues from my collection.

The first MR advertisement for this model is found in their December issue. Note that he has by this time tweaked the font and the look to make it stand out a bit more. The main elements of the model are made clear to the potential buyer. The body castings are bronze and a dual power drive was available. See this article for a view of the raw castings as later produced. 

Due to how this website was laid out info on Fred Schorr is spread out somewhat, but in this article from his son Ed I learned
Fred Schorr was born in 1902 and died in 1976 and according to Ed “was a die-hard 00'er till the end.” He got started working in American OO around 1938. He worked for Pennsylvania Power & Light for 53 years and retired as Chief Systems Operator. His personal road was the Yorkville and Western, a name he registered with the NMRA in 1942.
I have three operational Schorr F-3 models in my collection at present, the trio being described further in this article. Click on the photo for a better view. They make a very impressive rumble running on the layout and pull like crazy! They were and are not easy models to build up but have a great payoff in the end and were a perfect model to have on the market in 1949. And Schorr would have more for his OO gauge friends soon.

Our final new model to feature today are the streamline passenger cars by Zuhr. These models were first advertised in the December issue of MR. The longer article on Zuhr introduces the line of smooth side, aluminum models in some depth. To this I will add as a teaser, I am not sure there actually was a person named Henry Zuhr! The letter that you would have been sent had you replied to the ad states that the owners are Hildegard Schuler and Herbert Swan. The letter also makes clear their motivations, as it opens,
Dad-blame it !!! Something had to be done. Well ----- We did it ----- !
Here is what you have been waiting for. One of the first real pieces of equipment that has been added to "OO" gauge in years. We give you ----- All Aluminum Streamline Pullmans and Coaches (smooth sides).....
Keeping with the Canadian theme of the first photo, this is a modified Zuhr RPO, described further here. And there was even more on the market in 1949, which will be outlined more fully in part III.

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