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Friday, September 6, 2013

Trackmaster OO Switches

Working on the 1948 series I could see that a product worth briefly mentioning was the “Trackmaster” OO switches produced by Bob Peare of Clifton, NJ. His first advertising that I have spotted, for O gauge rail and switches, ran in the July, 1947 issue of MR, and his first ad mentioning OO was in MR in March 1948, with OO crossings.

The main thing to note is that soon he advertised that he sold products in all gauges, especially switches. This photo is of a pair of boxed examples of his OO switches. This is a No. 6 switch; top strapped and built up from standard OO brass rail. It looks like a good quality product and would certainly still be usable today.

These were on the market for years, and a note on later (mid-1950s) availability of this product may be seen here. In the time frame I think sales held up OK for products like this, as there were some very active builders in OO still, committed to building and expanding layouts, and maybe some crossover market too from those working in On3.

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