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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Difference of Decades IV: Caboose 58 and More

Up today is another "difference of decades" photo, this one again from the layout of Pierre Bourassa. In those days before the Internet he was a great letter writer and sent many photos out. This photo came to me second hand but has at least two and probably four items in it that I own today.

The photo is dated 2-11-89 and is of his layout. As always, click on the photo for a better view. Taking in the overall look at it, there are six cabooses visible and ten locomotives visible. Looking at the locomotives first, working our way across there are four Schorr RS-2 models in the group, three more modern diesels kitbashed from HO models, a Kemtron GP-7, and a pair of Schorr F-3's. The cabooses in the back are more difficult to ID but I think there are three Schorr cabooses and two are Scale-Craft. There are also two passenger cars that are hard to ID and then the freight cars up front. The gondola is definitely Schorr, the 50' boxcar is Scale-Craft, and then we get to those great outside braced boxcars and caboose 58.

Here are some of those are today. Caboose 58 is a Nason model that has been kitbashed and may be seen in two more views in this article. The roof is removable and it has lights, a very nice model. The outside braced car I don't think Pierre built. It is scratchbuilt and has Scale-Craft doors. It came to me on Scale-Craft trucks too but it was such a nice car I upgraded it with Schorr trucks. In the back are two Schorr F-3 models. I can't be sure these are the same ones as in the 1989 photo but they might be and certainly are very similar. They don't run now and are a bit worse for the wear of years than the freight cars. Those I am still pondering, they are right on that edge, condition wise, between models I would restore as is and models I would think about stripping and repainting--they look better in the photo than they are in reality. No rush anyway for now. These I think Pierre built up and in particular the windshields are a difficult feature to add and are nicely made from I believe real glass.

So where are the other items now from the first photo? Who knows, but I hope they are still out there and being enjoyed.

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