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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Two Schorr Cabooses

Up next from the late summer painting project are a pair of brass Schorr Cabooses. These models were part of a line of OO models imported from Japan in the 1950s. 

This specific pair, as noted in the earlier article, "had been built up by a prior owner and brush painted, and an owner in between had stripped off most of the paint." Spray painting was clearly a novelty back then, lots of older cars were brush painted. With the pair cleaned up and stripped painting was a pretty simple matter and the decals were simple to apply as well. And as noted in the article when I painted the model, the ATSF car has inserts added to the cupola to more closely resemble an ATSF car. It is really striking how much difference that little insert makes in the overall appearance of the Schorr model.

I like both of these cars a lot. I had been looking for years for examples of this car for sale with no luck. Then I obtained two decorated by Bill Gilbert for his Grand Island and they were in way too good shape to consider stripping or re-lettering. Then finally these came my way. They roll and look great! Both will be making many trips around the layout.

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