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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vintage OO Layout Photos V: Locomotives on Bridges

Today we have a treat, three different vintage OO layout photos featuring locomotives on bridges.

First up is this fairly recent photo of a Reading 4-4-2. The notes on the back of the photo tell us that this model was built by Pierre Bourassa (5-98) for Ed Morlok using a Nason (or Star-Continental) 4-4-2 frame and a Nason 2-8-0 boiler, with the photo taken 7-18-98 on the layout of Tony Cavanna. The layout had seen some scenic progress since another photograph posted previously of the same layout (here--scroll down), which featured a Graceline troop sleeper. Looking off into the distance clearly this is a large layout. Underneath the bridge may be seen a S-C 4-6-0. Back to the 4-4-2, Pierre built it nicely and added a bit of weathering. It is a conversion that must have been done a few times back in the day. And that is quite a bridge. As always click on the photo for a larger view.

Next we go back a few years to a photo dated 1956. It is on the layout of Fred Schorr and the photo, which came to me from Ed Schorr, features his first locomotive, i.e. the first scratchbuilt locomotive built by Ed Schorr, son of Fred Schorr. Number 51 is a handsome 2-6-0, a nice match to the open end car it is pulling. The bridge is also a very nice one and is again an indication of the size of the layout. I would love to have a sharper view of that yard in the background, it is full of interesting, classic models. And finally note the figures set up in a scene below the bridge, a nice conversation piece for visitors at the least.

Finally we have this I think slightly older photo, again from the layout of Fred Schorr. Starting with the bridge itself, compare it to the bridge in the first photo. The arched portion looks like the same bridge, either actually the same bridge or a bridge built from the same kit. Next notice the Schorr F-3 and boxcar hiding under the bridge and the 2-8-0, which must be either kitbashed or scratchbuilt. Finally, look up on the bridge at that 4-6-2. While one could think it might be modified from Nason parts (like the engine in the first photo), based on the note from Ed Schorr and looking at my notes I am thinking it is probably a very rare model by one of the first OO manufacturers, the OO Gauge Model Co. The main article on this firm is here, and this should be an example of their CNJ 4-6-2. Certainly they had plans to market this model based on their advertising and very likely had at least a small run of boilers made. Advertising (seen in the linked article) for the model called it the Jersey Central Blue Comet, and seeing this handsome model it makes one wish it were much more common. Unfortunately, they appear to have gone out of business in 1936, a year before Scale-Craft launched their OO line, and nobody else picked up their toolings.

All the models above likely still are out there and would be ones to keep your eyes peeled for, and it is also great to see these large American OO layouts with bridges, they make for neat photos.

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Wonderboy said...

The OO gauge 4-6-2, it looks to me like a modified Mantua kit made in HO for a Reading 4-6-2, made from 1937 into the early 1950's.