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Friday, April 12, 2013

Top Nine Articles -- First Five Years of American OO Today

First, I want to thank anyone reading this for your support for American OO Today. Today marks the fifth anniversary of this site, launched on April 12, 2008 with this short article.  Since then the site has grown to include well over 500 articles on a variety of topics, and the articles below are the “top nine” over these five years. Why nine? That is the way they come up in the overall stats most easily available to me. It is an interesting list, one I invite readers to check through.

8-9. Layout Tour [2008] and 1939, the Peak Year: Part V, Famoco, Graceline, and JC

We start with a tie; these two have exactly the same number of page views as of today. One thing I puzzle over when I look at the stats is why certain articles rank so high. In this case the layout tour article certainly comes up in searches for layout tours or something similar in Google. The 1939 series article I am not as clear why it comes up but perhaps it relates to image searches. For sure all of the articles in this list have some decent page rank within Google, as there are a number of older articles on the site that have hardly any page views in comparison to these. (This knowledge also helps me tweak what content I put forward; I have adjusted content somewhat in relation to my perception of reader interests).

7. Scale-Craft and Lionel sectional track for OO gauge

The popularity of this article relates mostly to Lionel OO track, but I am glad with it to also open the eyes of collectors to the early Scale-Craft track, which on the whole has held up as a good product but is not as widely recognized (and hardly ever seen for sale).

6. How to bench test a Scale-Craft Universal motor

This one gets at how to understand those old-style universal (AC/DC) motors that were common on pre-war models. This article is useful for collectors outside of OO and comes up in searches, and I would acknowledge again Dick Gresham for his text which was very helpful to me and continues to be helpful to others.

5. 1939 Bonus: Lionel OO Layouts in The Model Builder

This article I think is popular in relation to searches for Lionel layout plans, not OO, but still I am glad that readers find it and get to know a bit more about OO. And the layout plan will actually work in O gauge, the track geometry is the same.

4. A Mantua/Tyco 4-6-0, and other Mantua OO

This article appeals to people who are searching for information on the fairly common Mantua/Tyco 4-6-0, an overscale HO model very usable in OO. But it also introduces more about the OO line produced by Mantua before WWII and spreads the word on OO with a different group of people.

3. 75 years of the Nason P5A

Most of the text of this one is by Ed Havens and actually it is that text and the photos linked which is what makes this article rank so high in the site. I enjoy this article, honestly, as the text really is text I could not have written and it highlights to a wider Internet audience this classic OO model. And I would say again, this model is one the serious OO collector will want to own, it was the first commercially successful OO locomotive.

2. Vintage American OO Train Sets

Speaking of serious OO collectors, the sets by Lionel are the draw for this article, but regular readers also know by now that I really enjoy setting context and making connections in these articles. So in this case we also get a look at the very early OO sets by Scale-Craft and Strombecker, models I am glad to introduce in the article to anyone starting out in working with vintage American OO models.

1. Lionel OO Gauge 101

And of course that is the number one article, actually by far the number one article on the site, found by people looking for basic information on Lionel OO! As long as people are collecting pre-war model trains there will be interest in Lionel OO.

And that is the rundown. As searches are a big reason why people get to this website, the top search keywords are:

  1. american oo
  2. lionel oo gauge
  3. americanoo.blogspot
  4. lionel oo
  5. american oo today
  6. american oo gauge
  7. lionel 00 gauge
  8. oo scale trains
  9. lionel trains oo gauge

Note that most searches confirm that people are mostly using “OO” as letters rather than “00” as numbers to refer to our scale.

I have enjoyed working on this site and plan to keep going with it. Looking ahead, in the big picture my goal I hope to achieve in about five years is produce an E-book on the history of American OO, based on text of the history series currently going into the site and my American OO Checklist draft. It will take me several more years to complete the history series, and I am discovering new things all the time. Thank you again for your support and keep spreading the word that American OO is not dead yet! And if you use Facebook become a fan.

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