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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Two Boxcars with Scale-Rail Industries Sides

One project this year has been completing a pair of ATSF boxcars with fresh, vintage Scale-Rail Industries sides. The overview article on Scale-Rail Industries is here, but in short this line of excellent sides in HO and OO was introduced in 1941 and ceased production not long into WWII. The full run of their OO sides may be seen in this article. 

These two cars are both built on bodies that were in a lot purchased from the Morlok auction, kits that had been started by a prior owner but not finished. The plain ATSF car is an Eastern body to which I added Famoco ends, and the Scout car is pure Famoco. The body parts of the two models are identical, the way to tell them apart (besides the boxes they were packed in) being the frames are different and Famoco cars usually (but not always) have the cast ends. More on Eastern here and on Famoco here.

Turning to the sides as applied to these two cars, note that the color is slightly different. The Scout car is very close to Floquil boxcar red and I came up with a Floquil mix that got me close on the plain car. In either case while not easy to match the Scale-Rail sides are easier to match (in terms of sheen) than are Famoco/Eastern sides, and I like the “dips” on the bottom of the sides very much, this detail is lacking on every other brand of boxcar or boxcar side ever sold in American OO.

In terms of big picture details I am happy how they came out and they roll and look great on their Schorr trucks. As always, click on the photo for a closer view. I look forward to doing a few more of these cars in the future; I feel that steel boxcars of this general type built well are a weakness in my operating roster.

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