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Friday, February 8, 2013

OO Signals by Staples

One pre-war line that was mentioned in the 1941 series was the track related products of the Staples Mfg. Co. As noted in that article,
Next we get to another new firm that put out some great advertising, Staples. For example in the January issue of MC they had a full page ad (also seen in the February issue of MR) on their dummy switch machine. My favorite ad though is this one, from Model Railroader in October of 1941.  They had out a new OO signal and it looks like a beauty, especially so next to that Scale-Craft 4-6-0 steaming into focus. That this signal is not HO/OO is also a big plus for us, although it might have sold better if also marketed to HO fans of the day. It was reviewed in the December issue of MR where they noted that it was about 3 1/4" tall and that "The ladder detail is neat and strong."
To that great advertising image I would now add thanks to reader Drew M. a photo of an example of this product.

The item that is clear from the box is that the owner of the Staples Mfg. Co. must have been named Crawford E. Staples. Beyond that I don’t have anything to add to the text from the 1941 series so I will leave both images small (as always, click on the photos for a better view), but it is great to see one of these rare OO products “in the flesh,” mint in box.

UPDATE: Wondering what else was out there, I did a Google search for Crawford E. Staples. It turns out he has a post-war patent related to signals for full sized railroads! Try the search yourself, all the patent drawings and descriptions come up not far down the first page of results. It is patent number US2555013.

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