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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gerstner Water Tower in OO

One topic I don’t post on often is that of vintage OO structure kits. I don’t have many, but I know there is a collector market for these and some are quite rare.

Up today is an interesting rarity from the collection of John S. The box is stamped "A. W. Gerstner Company, 634 Eighth Avenue, New York City" and he notes “the kit is a real craftsman style.... all wood except some wire to make the hoops around the tank.”

This scan is of the instruction sheet. Note that it is dated 1938 and is for an "OO gage" model, not HO-OO. Gerstner was definitely a dealer; an ad of theirs from 1939 (featuring an S-C 4-8-4) may be seen in this article (scroll down). But they also could have manufactured this item to go along with the OO items they sold.

John. S. notes that the notes on the edges of the instructions are not from him. I am thinking it looks very much like the handwriting of Ed Morlok (who was very interested in vintage structure kits), and this did hit eBay after his auction. If it is by Gerstener or if they were just the retailer for another early maker is not clear, but it is a nice example of the type of item out there if you keep your eyes peeled.

See this article for more vintage OO and HO/OO structure kits.

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