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Friday, December 7, 2012

A Difference of Decades, and Scales

These two models were completed decades apart by me. For a project underway I needed to pull up another set of sideframes from a HO scale AHM RS-2. This led me to dig out the engine in the back. While it looks the same generally due to the effect of perspective, actually the engine in front is a Schorr RS-2 in OO scale and the AHM HO model is in the rear.

I probably completed the HO model sometime around 1982, so it is (gasp) some 30 years old now. I put a bit of effort into it, as I modified the long hood slightly, built up new footboard areas, and made new handrails. The black lettering for the Orient is unique, it is the only model I lettered in this manner, all following models have large yellow lettering. I have been working with the Orient theme since late high school (more here).

The OO RS-2 is described further in this article. It was imported by Fred Schorr in the 1950s from Japan, and this particular one I also had to rebuild to a similar degree. The scale comparison is probably more interesting than the trip down memory lane, but it has been interesting digging this bit of personal model railroad history out again.

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