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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Modern Equipment in American OO Gauge

With travels in the summer I see a number of trains and always get itching to operate and work with some of the more modern OO gauge equipment I own, as I frequently see big trains out west.

Within American OO Today there are a number of articles on modern (70s and later) OO gauge models, but judging from the stats many of those are pretty low traffic articles. With that thought, I offer the links below which offer a bit of inspiration toward what can be done in modeling more recent equipment in American OO. Click on any link for more information.
The photo is from the well car and spine car article. I will mention here as well, the red one is an orphan the yellow one I can run with other cars but it seems that the sets they were a part of were broken up. If you have part of these sets, let me know, perhaps we can work out a trade.

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