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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage OO Photos V: A 4-6-4T and an Unusual Doodlebug

Today in the series of vintage American OO photos I have two more from the layout of OO enthusiast and manufacturer Fred Schorr.

First up is this side on view which features mainly a nicely built up Scale-Craft 4-6-4t. Note that it is lettered for the Yorkville and Western, the home road of Fred Schorr, and it has a replacement truck at the rear. It looks to me like possibly an On3 truck, actually! It should have provided good pick up and was a nice detail change over the original. Note also the engineer in the cab.

To the rear we see a S-C stock car (with the original version of the frame, trucks in from the ends), a tender (Lionel?), and a self-propelled passenger car. From the first photo all we can tell is it has an RPO section up front and has EMD type road diesel trucks. Oh, also note that diesel switcher or road diesel on the lower level just poking into the frame. Click on either photo for a better view.

This close up was also with the photos and provides a couple more details in spite of the soft focus. It would appear to also be a Scale-Craft model, the RPO-Baggage version of their gas-electric car but modified a bit with added windows in the RPO area of the model. With the diesel locomotive drive I am guessing it must have ran pretty well. There are a couple other visible detail changes (especially that big box up on top of the cab end) but you can see the original S-C front end and pilot (compare to the model in this photo) that I think confirms the identity of the manufacturer.

As to when these photos were taken, I would guess they date from the late 1940s but were printed on different paper and likely taken a few years apart. I love these brief windows into American OO layouts of the past, and I will be posting more of these in the coming months.

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