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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Gallery of Scale-Craft OO Lettering Diagrams

Following up on the recent overview of prewar Scale-Craft OO scale decals and lettering diagrams (here), the below is a complete rundown of the diagrams in my collection and those of Jeff Barker, Dick Gresham, and Steve Neubaum, arranged by type. Click on any one for a better view--they are best seen in this manner, as you can scroll through the entire gallery. To see cars decorated with these decals see this article.


Passenger Cars

Freight Cars**

Most of the above are from pre-war sets but a few are from the post-war Scale-Craft/Walthers decals. I hope to update and expand this list as this is at present only a fraction of the drawings that must exist based on catalog listings. If you have more examples that you would like to add, please scan them and contact me.

[**Noting the dimensions on it, the S-C stock car drawing appears to be the O-gauge drawing. However, it was packed with an OO car. Some of the drawings must be the same as they made some of these models in O and in OO, but also some drawings are certainly of their OO product line, such as the 4-6-0 locomotive and box car. Also, the PRR hopper drawing came from an O scale kit but is identical to the OO drawings.]

As a bonus, below are the five types of envelopes that these came in. Note there are two types of “face down” decal envelopes (the first two below), an early type described further in the article that is an overview of Scale-Craft decals.

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