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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some M. P. Davis, Part I: A Bronze C&O 2-8-8-2 Boiler

One of the more interesting people of American OO in the post-war period is Myron P. Davis. One very distinctive feature of his OO line (sold as Cussewago Valley Railroad OO Scale Models) was it included six (!) different models of articulated steam locomotives. The full list of big boilers is in this article, and a longer view with a link to an extended TCA article on these models may be found here.

The item I would like to feature today is one of these boilers, an eBay find. The first of these I ever saw in person was years ago at the home of Bill Chapin. I don’t think that he was using it as one but I recall the comment he made was it was heavy enough to use as a door stop. Which it certainly is!

This boiler is for C&O 2-8-8-2 #1527, is sand cast bronze, and is nine inches long. I would guess it to have been cast around 1954 or 55. My guess is no more than 20 of any of these boilers were produced and probably hardly any of those have actually been built up.

I also don’t imagine that I will ever build this boiler up into a working model. Certainly I have a lot of projects I would turn to first, and to get interested at all in fact the first step would be I have a larger layout that is big enough to actually use a 2-8-8-2 on.

That all being said, I still really like this item. Holding it in your hands I feel like I am holding history and get a view also of the dreams of someone who was very enthusiastic about American OO, Myron P. Davis.

Next up in this three part series is another very unique item from his line of models, his caboose.

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