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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Hawk OO Flat Car

With the purchase of this flat car I now own examples (built up or in kit form) of almost every type of OO scale freight car sold by Hawk. For more general info on the line and the list of models see this article.

This particular car was one that from the listing on eBay I figured out was either nicely scratch built or was something not often seen. It turned out to be the latter. When it arrived it was on a pair of non-operable Nason trucks and most of the decals had flaked off. But the paint was in great shape. So what I did was flake off the rest of the side decals and work up Milwaukee Road decals from vintage sets, matching the scheme of a drawing I found in a book.

The car itself was very nicely built up. The builder added end castings for the coupler mounting, and also added stake pockets that I believe are HO parts.

Looking at the bottom you can see the Hawk frame, cut in the middle and extended from the version seen on their 40’ boxcar and gondola. I did not change the couplers as it would involve more modification than I wished and I am not likely to run this car a lot either.

For trucks I used a fresh set of “Morlok method” trucks. They are described in more detail in this article but in short it involves taking Mantua/Tyco/Model Power HO trucks with the heavy side frames and opening up the inside wider to fit widened 36” HO wheels. On a flat car they work well as they are somewhat hidden and even then they look better than S-C trucks (and operate better).

I have two Hawk 50’ boxcars in the shop now undergoing rebuilding, both needing pretty heavy work but projects of the type that get my interest going. Hopefully they will be out and on the layout as well in a few months.

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