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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Updated: S-C Gas Electric and RPO/Baggage

The subject of a prior article, this Scale-Craft gas electric has been on the layout a few years. Well, not actually on the layout a lot as it really did not run that well with the AHM drive unit it had. I rarely ran it at all.

In a train show purchase this fall however I was able to buy several Athearn drive units. They were actually in powered boxcars--long story there involving a prior owner who used them as pushers for de-powered steam locomotives--but the happy ending is that I was able to use parts from them to repower three models this fall and I have enough more parts for two more locomotives. The first fixed was this gas-electric, which now has an Athearn drive truck with a large flywheel. It runs great!!!

The RPO/Baggage was described in this prior article but I did want in this update to show it next to the S-C gas electric for comparison. To briefly summarize the earlier article, this car was created by a prior owner from the RPO/Baggage version of the S-C gas electric. It needs a few more details but even as it is makes a great trailer for the powered unit. They are a very enjoyable pair to run on the layout.

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