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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Schorr 2-8-0 for the Orient

The third recent project completed was getting this Schorr OO scale Ma and Pa consolidation running.

The first challenge was the connection between the motor and the drive. The motor is a large Pittmann motor on its side filling the entire tender. The original connection was a flexible rubber tube that was broken and brittle on this vintage Japanese brass import. I was able to modify the connectors that originally went from the motor to the drive of a Model Power HO Alco switcher to fit this model. It involved making a slightly longer drawbar. With some tune up this model is a bit noisy but otherwise runs great.

In a prior article I have photos of a similar model from Dick Gresham. Looking back at them I realized that my example was painted exactly the same way (note the side rods in particular) and that must be the factory paint job. So I did not modify the paint at all, and since the model is of Ma and Pa engine number 26 (and that number is on the headlight from the factory) it is now Orient number 26, which fits in my freelanced version of the Orient just fine. (The actual Kansas City, Mexico, and Orient did not have an engine number 26, but the closest actual locomotive numbers above and below were according to the published roster similar sized consolidations, so the number is a very good fit).

This is a model I very much enjoy running, well worth the effort to work out a better drive connection from tender to engine. I was even able to double head it with my converted Mantua/Tyco 4-6-0, the two look very nice together.

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