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Monday, January 2, 2012

Retro-Modeling: Matching Stock Cars and Hoppers

In late 2011 several projects were brought through to completion. To begin a short series of posts on them, first we have these matching Scale-Craft stock and hopper cars. Two of them were cars I completed initially in the 1980s—can you guess which ones?

To get right to it, the cars on the left are the older models. In recent projects I have enjoyed working on cars in groups, at least as pairs and in larger groups if possible. My goal here was to match closely the older models so that they could be run together in pairs. The new, matching cars were both stripped of old paint to begin. Details were tweaked and both were repainted. For both of the new cars I also worked up good square and free-rolling S-C trucks from parts. Click on the photo for a better view.

The stock cars are close matches and are for my Orient. The hopper cars are lettered for the ATSF and have a bit more of a story. The one on the left was one I upgraded with a few extra details and the lettering scheme was done to match a HO hopper I had on hand at the time. This time around I also added a few details but I went to the Internet and did some image searches and came up with this lettering scheme that worked in respect to vintage, scrap decals on hand. So the lettering is a little different but I still think they make a great pair, with the hopper really looking much like a model that could have been made in the 1940s with those vintage decals. These cars should put in many miles on the layout in coming years.

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